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Camel spider humor

Sometimes people try to hide under some funny stories - facts which are really worried and even frightened them. It happens because it's easier to believe in something positive, and there're so many problems in real life that it's better not even think about them. That's why, it's good to start with such words as "Humor unites us in our common humanity", by Egon Larsen. It's well known fact that the humor finds its expression in many ways like the sly chuckle, the hearty outburst, the enigmatic smile, but all of this helps to overcome the fear, which may hide in the corner of our hearts. For many years people take rather serious themes to laugh at. The examples may include jokes about ghost and some poisonous animals etc. So, in this case we have such a frightened topic as camel spiders.

All stories, sometimes really stupid and most of them don't have any scientific background. Most believe in impossible stories, and that's the main reason why jokes appeared. People so frightened in some cases that even can't find the real facts from almost unbelievable ones.

In case of camel spider some photos and videos were released which stated that they are gigantic insects which are actually done with the software tricks. But it created the buzz in the minds of people and raised many question marks.

One solder have once described his experience related to camel spider. When he went to Iraq he thought of recording the people's reaction to these insects. He set the camera in on position and talked with some people there and during their conversation he threw some of these insects in the surrounding region. He said that people started to shatter from the place immediately. Also, some has the habit of threatening others by saying that camel spiders will chop them since they are huge in size and are poisonous.

Comic's arts do produce some illusion on these which produce great impact on the little ones heart. As said by many it won't move very fast or wont jump to many feet's height. Many thought that they were attacking them but it was their shadow which attracted these camel spiders towards them. They are anti light. So they prefer to come out of their place only during night time (nocturnal) to find its prey. Generally they have large eyes which are mainly used to be acquainted with the quarry during hunting. The comedy is that many says that they feed on camel's stomach hence it posses the name. But the actual reason goes on like this. They are found in sandy desert region like camels hence they are called so and they never feed on camel's stomach neither lay eggs there. It lay eggs in the deepest place on the sands and protects them till the young ones hatches out from the egg.

So, you may see that topics for jokes usually arise in cases, when people don't want to think over the information they get and just believe almost in each word. So be careful in order not to be caught on some of this simple jokes.

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